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From user-friendly to user-loved

Mariam El Hussein-04 / 09 / 2015-Design

Remember the excitement of that initial spark?

The moment you thought of that idea for your product and could not wait to make it a reality. Your team is excited, you are excited. Brainstorm, prototype, test, improve and reiterate.

With that you do multiple trials and errors to get closer to the more ‘useful’ and viable solution.

Why? Because usability is often at the core of design, and usually said to be at the core of good design. 

And it is. 

But is it enough to be user-friendly? 

Maybe not anymore.

If you think about it from a business point of view, you want to create loyalty around your product, get people talking about it and gain a steady user-base. So why not incorporate this idea of loyalty into the design process? 

We are loyal to things we love

We love easy to use products. 

We love products that fulfill a need or make things better.

But we also love things that make us feel happy and excited. 

User loyalty and ultimately love is at the intersection of the genuine excitement the user feels and the great usability the product provides.

The next time you meet with your team for that review session, think about how usability might just be as important as the heart. Design that captures the heart is usable and exciting. Memorable products tend to invoke excitement rather than stop at fulfilling a need. And they keep us coming back.

Are you capturing hearts with your products? Share your tips with us, we would love to hear @prottapp!