A look back at Prott in 2016

Prott highlights of 2016 & what to expect in the new year

Tim Prott-12 / 30 / 2016-News

As the year draws to a close, we thought we would take this moment and share with you all the Prott highlights of 2016.

Updated comment feature

In March, one of the much anticipated renewal was the comment feature.

We did a complete design overhaul and redesigned the comment feature to make it a place where users could collaborate and discuss their prototypes easily. We also took into consideration that by collaborating with other users would mean lots and lots of feedback. So, to keep on top of it all, we made sure our users could resolve comments by clearing it from the comment panel.

Embed feature

In April, we made it possible to embed prototypes made in Prott into websites and blogs. This gave our users another way to share their prototypes to the online world and to get feedback.

Prott Viewer for iPad

Before the Prott Viewer for iPad was released, the only way to view prototypes on the iPad was to click on the preview URL, add the shortcut to your screen and hit preview. We realized this was not very conducive for our iPad users so our developers came out with a dedicated Prott Viewer for iPad app to make it simpler.

Overlay feature

Another exciting feature that we introduced this year was the overlay feature. We knew that a lot of our users were wanting to model pop-up messages and alerts in their prototypes so this feature helped them achieve just that.

Download screens

We also made it possible for our users to download their latest work from Prott. This means users no longer need to continuously upload their work from a different program but can work on their prototypes in Prott and download their screens right away.

Group screens

Not only did we work on releasing the download screen feature, we also worked on finding a way to make the screen list more organized. We created the group screen feature to allow users to categorize screen flows and group similar screen designs together to make it easier to locate.

Interaction Map feature

In July, the long awaited Interaction Map feature was released. This meant users no longer had to spend time on creating their own transition diagrams but instead with a click of a button generate an interaction map of all of their up-to-date screens. We made sure that users could also generate their maps in PNG and PDF format in case they needed to share it with their team or clients and also made it possible to customize the Interaction Map to their liking.

Prott turns 2 & a sneak peek at Balto

On October 21st, we celebrated the 2nd anniversary of Prott with our Tokyo Prott users and supporters. The celebration included a look back on just how far Prott had come along in addition for both the users and the Prott team to mingle with one another over the delicious food that was catered.

We also gave a sneak peek into what the Balto team was working on diligently over the past 6 months.

If this is the first time that you are hearing about Balto, well expect to hear more of it in the upcoming new year as we have exciting news ahead!

Balto is an all-in-one tool that allows developers to distribute their beta app to their team members for immediate feedback. A place where engineers, PMs and designers can come together to freely discuss areas to kaizen* before releasing their app out onto the web.
*kaizen - a Japanese term referred to the process of continual improvement. 😉

To conclude the evening, we took a group picture and gifted our users with some of our new Prott and Balto goodies as a way to thanks. 💛

Prott Viewer App for Android

In December we came out with a dedicated Prott Viewer for our Android users as we wanted to improve the viewing experience by making it hassle free as possible.

Viewers are able to store as many prototypes as they want, all in one place and the best thing about it all is that viewers can view the prototypes offline giving freedom and flexibility.

If you already haven’t, download the Prott Viewer and let us know how you like it.

Stay up-to-date with changelog

In this crazy digital age that we live in, we are bombarded with information from multiple channels that we sometimes forget where it was that we read about certain details. Users of Prott don’t have to worry about a single thing since you can read about all the latest new releases, updates and fixes in real time through our changelog notification!

What to expect in 2017

We’ve got a lot of exciting new things in store for 2017! One of them is the native app, Prott for Mac and many other to follow. So stay tuned!

Thank you 💛

And lastly, we’d like to thank each one of our users for your ongoing support. It’s because of you that we can come into work each day and do what we love to do which is create and design awesome tools! So thank you again and we look forward to seeing you in the near year to deliver an even better Prott for you!

Have a wonderful, safe and happy new year from our Prott family to yours! 😌 🍾 🎆 ✌🏼