Prott User Meetup Vol. 6

Monthly user meetup report

Mariam El Hussein-05 / 07 / 2015-News

Hey there!

We have something exciting to share with you today! As you may know, Prott is designed by Goodpatch - a global UI design company based in Tokyo, Japan. Since the launch of Prott last year, we have been running monthly user meetups in our office in Tokyo.

User meetups are workshops where we invite our users to discuss their thoughts on Prott with the team! It allows us to get feedback from users first hand and brainstorm ways to improve and develop Prott.

Take a look at this report of our 6th user meetup, which was held on March 25th, 2015 for a quick summary of what our meetups are like!

Brainstorming session: Prott present and future

After a brief presentation on Prott’s goals and current development plan, we conducted a brainstorming session. The participants were of various backgrounds - designers, engineers, and project managers from various companies. This made for an insightful discussion. The entire Prott team including our designers and engineers participated as well, giving them the opportunity to see Prott from different points of view.

The participants presented their ideas and the best ones were awarded some awesome Prott goodies!

Sharing session: Prototyping and teams

For this session, we invited some Prott users to share with us their honest thoughts. They presented on prototyping with their teams and the role Prott plays in that. The Prott team also presented about our recent trip to San Francisco, where we conducted some workshops and gathered user feedback from design teams in the area.

Networking session: Snack time!

Our user meetups are free of charge and end with an informal networking session. Our participants got some free time to talk to others and everyone on the Prott team, while enjoying some snacks!

We would like to thank everyone who attended our user meetup. These meetups are still new and we plan to host them monthly. If you have any ideas for sessions you would like to see or activities you would like to do, just hit us up @prottapp!

P.S. Last month was very exciting for Goodpatch and Prott! Our Berlin office kicked off and Berlin user meetups are in the works. Want us to hold a meetup closer to you? Just let us know and we’ll make it happen!

The Prott team has also been working hard on a new exciting feature that we can’t wait to share with you, so stay tuned!