Margaret Iuchi

Prototyping Expert

Margaret is a Customer Success Representative at Prott. Customer satisfaction is her top priority and she is ready to answer any questions about Prott. She writes about updates and announcements on this blog. Feel free to reach out to her anytime, she loves to hear from you.

Stay Organized in the Comment Feature

Manage your feedback with the search, filter, and display functions

Margaret Iuchi-03 / 09 / 2017-News

Interaction Map Feature Officially Launches!

Bringing you what you need to make editing and viewing maps easier

Margaret Iuchi-02 / 20 / 2017-News

❄️Holiday Support Notice❄️

Out of office: 2016/12/23 & 2016/12/28 10AM (GMT) ~ 2017/01/05 00:59AM (GMT)

Margaret Iuchi-12 / 15 / 2016-News

Prott Viewer app is out on Android!

The easiest way to view prototypes made in Prott

Margaret Iuchi-12 / 13 / 2016-News